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  • Cone Distributing - Served as the lead copywriter for the website re-design of the second largest distributor in Florida, Cone Distributing.

  • Discover Hendry County - Served as the lead copywriter for the complete redesign of Hendry County, Florida’s tourism site.

  • Google - Collaborated with the Google Apps/ G Suite support team to create use case documents for Google Admin console functions and the Google Apps Learning Center.

  • Smart Touch Interactive - Created copy for over a dozen re-engagement and drip email campaigns for real estate clients across the U.S. These campaigns had a combined reach of nearly 100,000 homeowners, and an average open success rate of 74.2%.

  • Visit Sebring - Served as lead copywriter for the digital re-branding of Highlands County’s visitor’s bureau.

  • Crescent Homes - Spearheaded all SEO copywriting tasks concerning the blog, community pages and top-level resources pages for one of the largest real estate development companies in South Carolina. Since June 2015, the site has seen no less than a 15% increase (42% was the highest) in organic traffic YoY since June 2015, saving an estimated $20,000 in potential AdWords keyword spending since May 2015.


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  • Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling - A :30 radio spot that focused on gambling cessation and advocacy for Florida residents struggling with problem gambling.

  • Hyatt Regency Orlando - A :30 radio spot that spotlit an LTO for 10% off weekend stays for Florida residents at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport location.

  • Sports Logic - A 1:30 video spot that served as the main marketing collateral for a mobile app that allows sports enthusiasts to stream games and keep track of stats in real time.

  • Provok Podcast - Hosted a bi-weekly podcast that covered a multitude of topics within the marketing and advertising realms. The show averages 100+ unique listens per episode, and has amassed nearly 7,900 total plays since its creation in January 2017.

integrated campaigns

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  • Pita Pit - Lead copywriter on a host of different creative, including: consumer-facing print ads, corporate collateral, social media ads, in-restaurant creative, digital banners and more.

  • Florida Dept. of Health - Headed up copy direction for the first of three statewide campaigns for the Florida Department of Health, centering on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness.

  • United Arts of Central Florida - Directed copy for the United Arts of Central Florida’s most anticipated yearly event, “Arts for All” Day: a campaign that spanned OOH, print, social and digital media.

  • Park Square Homes - Served as lead copywriter for a 20-page, B2B/investors brochure for one of the leading residential builders in Central Florida, Park Square Homes.


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  • A Few Hard Truths About Ethnic Hair - Let’s face it: there are certain characteristics about black hair that tends to set us apart from, well, the rest of society. We’re made a little different, and sometimes it shows most in our hair and skin.

  • Low-Key Skincare Tips for the Busy Man - They say there’s never enough time in the day, and if you’re one of the exceptionally busy men out there, those words couldn’t be truer. That doesn’t mean you have to sell your skin short.

  • How to Grow a Better Beard From the Ground Up - Some of us have a hard time starting and maintaining good facial hair. That’s just how it works sometimes. That doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive about it and take steps to successfully grow the beard you deserve.

  • Lobsters Top One of the Lowcountry's Most Extravagant Burgers - "Essentially, as long as the ingredients were modest and the preparer unassuming, the rest would fall into place. The Surf and Turf burger at Palmetto Cafe changed all of that within the first few bites."

  • 5 Easy Steps to Achieve Ideal Bar Status - "No bar is absolutely perfect. But that doesn't mean there aren't certain attributes that can make a bar far more enjoyable than the next."

  • Local Menu Items that Will (Arguably) Cure Your Next Hangover - "Hangovers suck. Every imbiber has suffered at one point in their drinking career. Unfortunately, Bojangles has yet to embrace the restorative powers of emergency Cajun Filet biscuit delivery, so most of us are tasked with finding proper sustenance after a night of conspicuous booze consumption."